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Every good business owner knows that defining your target market is critical. However, what we’ve found, coaching businesses, is that most of them don’t know just how specific they should be getting so that their marketing is bringing in the perfect people. Let’s take the target audience “interior designers in London”. That sounds pretty specific right? Not specific enough. In fact, that’s pretty much a loose target.

Try to think of it this way: Marketing is not 1 to many. It’s 1 to 1, many times. What that means is that you should not be marketing to an audience. In fact, you want to communicate with an individual. And then you want to do that over and over again. When trying to define your target audience, instead define your target person. Who is your ideal customer or client? What kind of things do they like? What are their challenges? What are the ways that they communicate with the rest of the world? An easy way to begin defining this person is by taking an ex-customer or client – or even a current one – who was the best one you’ve ever had. If you can, interview them and find out as much detail as you can about their lives.

If you’re struggling to choose, here are a few rules of thumb when trying to choose that perfect person:

1) The target person should be easy to communicate with (responsive to marketing).

2) The target person should pay you a reasonable price with what they purchase from you (high average £ value).

3) The target person should not have a long lead time for decision making (short sales cycle).

4) The target person should be likely to come back and buy from you again and again (Repeat Business). Once you start building up that perfect person, you can then realise how to communicate with them on a personal level – and convince them that your product/service is the solution to their problems. And once you can convince that one perfect person, you’ll realise that everyone else who responds to your marketing is also another perfect client or customer.

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