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On 6th May 1954 in Oxford, history was made. After many unsuccessful attempts by sportsmen around the world, Roger Bannister ran the first ever sub-4-minute mile. This was a fine feat and a significant record – one that had taken some time for anyone to achieve.

What made it significant was not that it was thought this feat was “physically impossible”, as was widely and incorrectly propagated (although it was a benchmark that had been unsuccessfully met for some time).

What makes this a feat is that his coach had trained him on relatively low-mileage training by modern standards. His coach must have really been watching and advising him closely in order to achieve such a record breaking speed without miles and miles of training.

However, what is really interesting about this feat – and what any of this has to do with business coaching – is what actually happened after he achieved this elusive benchmark.

Bannister’s superior record only lasted 46 days. His competitor Landy quickly achieved an even quicker time than him on 21 June. And after that, many others began to be able to run a mile in less than 4 minutes.

What was previously thought to be a pinnacle in running speed quickly became an achievable benchmark for many runners.

There are parallels with what happened with business coaching in the UK. Back when I first started, business coaching was largely unknown in the UK. 8 months into doing this, there were only 3 UK coaches in the list of the top 100 ActionCOACHes in the world. I was at position 53.

I quickly climbed into the top 10 rankings and now I have reached the number 1 spot amongst ActionCOACH business coaches worldwide. There are now over 30 UK coaches in the top 100 list – and 5 of them hold top 10 spots.

A few of us strode forward, proving that achieving top status globally as business coaches was not impossible to do in the UK, and quickly others are rising up and reaching for those higher benchmarks.

And you can bet that almost all of them have a coach (or two!) of their own, watching their plays and holding them accountable – doing what good business coaches do.

The point I am making here is that you have a choice. You can either wait for the “impossible over-achievers” to do what everyone thought could not be done, and then realise that you can do it too. Or you can take the reins, make history, and lead your industry to new heights.

With the right kind of advice and strategies, what they think is impossible, you can prove to be possible for everyone.

Will you set your sights on running a mile in less than 4 minutes?

Achieve the impossible with the right start.

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