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I am often asked who my biggest competitor in business coaching is and while I would love to say that there is none, that is not entirely true. The biggest competitor that I have in my work of business coaching is actually YOU, my current or prospective client. The entrepreneur that I’m working with is the biggest reason holding me back from helping them.

Often business owners believe that they already have all the answers – and that to ask for help is a sign of failure.

In this video, I explain why it makes sense, practically, to have a business coach helping you to run a bigger, better business.   Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text: Hi this is Shweta from London Coaching Group. Hope you’re doing well.

Who Is Your Biggest Competitor?

I was recently asked a very interesting question – who is my biggest competitor? Now after giving it a good thought I actually said to the prospect that it’s actually you. Reason being that most of the business owners they think that they are supposed to know all the answers in their business and taking any help from outside is a sign of failing as an entrepreneur. Now I am in business of business coaching, I have my own team but I’ve got 2 business coaches – I’ve got 1 accountability coach and I’ve got 1 sports coach.

3 Benefits of Having a Professional Business Coach

If you think about that very practically that what is the benefit of having a professional coach in your business – there are actually 3 core benefits:


The first is that there is a pair of very objective eyes – somebody is looking at your business, looking at your actions, looking at your decisions, now when you’re busy playing the shots who is watching your game? So the first benefit is a pair of objective eyes who’s not emotional about the business, who can look at it in a very neutral way.

Cutting-Edge Resources

The second benefit is – look you’re busy, you have so many things to handle – your team, your customers, your marketing, your sales, your systems, planning, strategic thinking. Do you have really time to be on top of this profession, really knowing what are the cutting edge strategies and systems which exist. So a good coach should be able to give you all those cutting edge strategies, systems, tools and techniques which can give you that leverage.


And the third benefit of having a professional coach is actually accountability. Think about it like this – you hold your team accountable for the things that they have to do but you as a business owner, as a boss – who holds you accountable? So there is somebody who is having those weekly interventions, weekly meetings with you, making sure that you and the team is moving in the right direction that you truly deserve and desire.

The Choice is Yours

And at the end of the day if again I look at a bigger scenario – all the top 10 tennis players they have got coaches and all the top 10 business people they have got their coaches so they know all the techniques, they are number 1, number 2, they are the top players, but they still surround themselves with people who know things about their profession, about their field. So simply again what you need to really think about is that what level of game are you playing and it is a profession.

Business is a profession. Are you really professional at this or are you still playing a starters game. The choice is yours.

It’s also important to note that business coaching is the kind of mentorship or advice that’s required for a business of a certain size.

It is important that you take advice from the right kind of people for the stage of business you are at. Business coaching is really ideal for businesses who are ready for the next level of growth, but are coming up against complexities in their business that are holding them back.

Getting a fresh set of eyes on their business, teaching them team management techniques, smart marketing strategies, ways to get leverage and self-development exercises are just some of the ways that business coaches help entrepreneurs excel beyond their current status quo.

Have you been considering business coaching? What is holding you back? Let us know in the comments below.

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