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In this book, I have picked up some really great nuggets on how to inspire clients and team members to take actions. business strategy consulting London The key learnings to pull from this piece of business reading:

  • Start by identifying your purpose, cause or vision.
  • A great leader move through the rings of the “Golden Circle”: establish the mission (“Why”), then move outwards to get to the “How” and “What”.
  • What’s the reason you “get out of bed in the morning” – that’s your “Why”.
  • The “How” is your unique selling point, or what makes your audience want to buy what you’ve got to sell.
  • The “What” is the more literal aspects of your product.
  • The key is the order: leaders who go the other way around, starting with “What” and moving down to “How” and “Why” find less success.
  • The reason: “people don’t buy What you do, they buy Why you do it.”
  • You should aim to do business with customers who share your core beliefs – so they can become fans and recommend others to you.
  • When hiring, you should also consider how they fit into your values: your best employees and future company leaders will have to share your passion.

Happy reading – and implementing!

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