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Being driven, being focused, and creating growth in your business isn’t necessarily something you are born with. You can consciously develop this.

In this video, I share with you some of the rituals I do in the morning that help me spark that drive in myself.

Every morning matters. This video explains my personal rituals, but what are the habits you are nurturing to get you going in the morning? What stretches your body and mind and gets you in the mode of growth?

Once you have got it, do it with consistency every morning and watch as you uncover and stoke that fire within yourself.

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

People generally ask me “Shweta what do you do to be so driven and to be so focused?” And yes I would like to believe that I’m a very focused individual. The answer that I share with them is generally so simple and so straightforward that, you know, people have a smile on their face and they say, yeah I kind of get it.

But then what I’m really interested in is not for people to just get it – I want people to actually do it. Do it their way, in a way which works the best for them. There are simple rituals that one can do straight away in the morning which helps the person to be in their top form and to have their head in the game.

At the end of the day business is your reflection, and more importantly, it’s a reflection of your headspace.

Now just to break it down for you, there are few rituals that I do first thing in the morning:

  • 15 minutes of my stretches.
  • 5 minutes of meditation. Just sitting down, anchoring myself.
  • 3 simple gratitudes. Could be as simple as the sun is shining today, or I love the sky, or I love the tree, or the family, or people, depending on what are your 3 gratitudes.
  • Then I spend 20 minutes preparing my healthy breakfast in the morning, and at that time I play audible and I’m listening to a book which makes my mind muscle stretch, which makes me think, and is really giving me some good food for thought.

Now if you think about it, 40 minutes, but in that time the mind is stretched, body stretched, meditation is done, and the three gratitudes have happened. And I’m sure you’ve heard of this, that the best source of happiness is the gratitude and the best time to get into the zone is the morning time.

So, look, I’ve shared with you what works for me and you have to decide for yourself what works the best for you. But make sure that you make every morning of yours count, to get in the best form possible for that day, to make the best state possible for yourself.

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