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The Values Factor is based on some great research done by Dr. John Demartini and I find that it really does unlock a lot of ways that you could be finding more fulfilment not only in your business, but in the rest of your life as well.

It contains a great questionnaire that I highly recommend you go through to help you highlight what is really important to you.

The rest of the book starts to explain why your values will help you achieve success. To me, this book also massively underlines that when you try to work with someone else – especially in a business context – you need to make sure you are conveying your values, but also putting them in the context of the other person’s values.

When you start understanding what drives the actions of your colleagues, or your customers, or your partner, you can really start to have very successful relationships in all areas of your life and business.

Have a plan to take steps towards fulfilling those values?

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When you understand your values, you then need to start looking at how your actions are taking you where you actually want to go.

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