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I have a business coach!

Until only a decade ago, admitting having a coach, outside of sports, was still viewed as a weakness. This is a mindset I’ve seen significantly change since – so much so that most business owners now acknowledge the need for a business coach.

Business coaching at its best is a bespoke service. Every business has unique individuals and aim to capitalise on a unique niche (or at least they should do!). This means that each business must have a unique strategy, and therefore would gain specific benefits from business coaching that may not always be universal to all businesses.

That said, working with varied business owners from companies across sectors in London, the UK and around the world, I’ve found that there are three main benefits that most business owners gain from business coaching.

To make it easier to digest, we’ve put these together in this animated video…

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything said in the video as text:

Remember that your biggest competitor is yourself.

Often business owners believe that they already have all the answers – and that to ask for help is a sign of failure.

Give me a second to show you the top 3 reasons why asking for help – through business coaching – could instead be beneficial. And how NOT asking for help is the real sign of failure.

Firstly there’s objectivity.

A business coach gives you a pair of objective eyes – somebody is looking at your business, looking at your actions, and looking at your decisions.

When you’re busy playing the shots who is watching your game to help you improve?

Next is access to cutting-edge resources.

Look you’re busy, you have so many things to handle – your team, your customers, your marketing, your sales, your finance, your systems, planning, and strategic thinking.

Do you really have time to be on top of every area of your business? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone at your side whose entire job is to stay on top of the cutting-edge strategies for business growth?

A good coach is one that is learning from every client she has to ensure each of them are using the best systems, tools and techniques to give you the leverage you need.

Lastly, there’s accountability.

Think about it like this – you hold your team accountable for the things that they have to do and that keeps the business ticking, right?

But you as a business owner, as a boss – who holds you accountable?

With a business coach you have someone providing weekly interventions to help remind you to stay on the track that you planned to be on, and to continue moving towards that next level in your business.

So why wouldn’t you want a business coach?

Think business coaching could benefit you?

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