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Do you remember the last time you made a really big mistake?

If not, then well done for not making any mistakes! Unfortunately, most of us have made mistakes, and will continue to do so, because most human beings operate that way – especially business owners who want learn and grow fast.

But the more important thing is – did you apologise to someone? If you did, did you also ensure that that apology was the most useful and beneficial apology for both yourself and the person you were apologising to?

Let me share with you a learning I gained from my business coach about the best way to make an apology after you have made a mistake – which applies whether you are apologising to a business partner, a team member, a spouse or a friend.

Do you remember a particular apology you have made which moved everyone forward in the best way? Inspire others by sharing your story in the comments below.

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

Hi this is Shweta from London Coaching Group. Let me ask you a question, have you ever made a mistake? Because once I made a mistake, I was having a conversation with my business coach, so let me actually tell you what happened.

So there we are, in our coaching session and my coach was holding me accountable and I made a mistake and I said “Listen, I’m sorry but…”

“Shweta let me just stop you, let me just stop you at that word ‘but’. Let me ask you a question, do you agree that you could have done better? And you made a mistake here?”

“Yes Coach.”

“So let me coach you on what is the best way to make an apology.”

“What do you mean Coach? What’s the best way to make an apology? I said sorry.”

“No let me actually tell you how to apologise. Because you will have many of those occasions in your life. The best way to apologise is to say ‘I’m sorry, and I’ll do better next time.’”

And that life lesson has stayed with me forever, and I try to teach that to my clients, to my kid, and to myself most importantly. Because growing the business, moving the business forward and becoming even better is full of failures, is full of mistakes. But when that occasion happens, one needs to know how to apologise in the right way.

Because you want to communicate to the outside world, and most importantly to yourself about your own intentions.

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