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Induction is one of the most critical parts in the recruitment process. Ensuring that your new team member starts on the right footing is an important factor in retaining those superstars.

However, have you thought about which is the best day to start a new hire? What is the ideal day to ensure your induction plan leaves them well settled in?

Most business owners think Monday is the day – you start them in a fresh week. You may want to reconsider that after watching this…

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

 Hi this is Shweta from London Coaching Group. What I want to talk about today is what is the best day in the week to start your new hire. 



The Best Day to Start a New Hire…Monday?

Now what I noticed many times is business owners generally start their new hire on Monday – it’s the start of the week, so let’s make a new start. Now what generally happens is it might be you yourself have experienced that generally the first one or two days are probably planned, and then the rest of the day – you leave your new hire to an independent way of working. Hoping that the person will figure it out, and maybe that’s the best way of learning.

But at the same time, somewhere it’s playing on your mind that maybe you’re not doing justice for the first week of this new person. Somewhere you feel a little out of control, not knowing what exactly this person is up to, and whether you are getting the value against what you’re paying, or is this person learning to the right level? Will this person be up to the speed, and picking up the right kind of habits?

Induction of New Hires: Feeling Guilty or In Control?

From the new hire’s perspective, it’s possible that the person feels a little jaded, overwhelmed or unclear and really getting wrong first impressions and not sure about the decision. 

Now imagine a different scenario where you are in control, you know what this person is exactly doing over the next few days. This person is actually feeling all energised, very clear with the right induction, the right impressions, looking forward to the next week. And you’re not feeling guilty, you’re actually excited about the new decision of getting a new person on board.

Now I’m sure you would agree if there is this first scenario, versus the second scenario – and we need to make this change, we need to move more towards the feeling of positive control, feeling of positive induction, positive culture setting, the person getting energised.

So, the Best Day to Start a New Hire….

You need to do things slightly differently, and it’s a small tweak, a very simple one. But it will help you in a big way, and that simple tweak is that instead of starting your new people right at the start of the week, which is Monday. And therefore having a long week to take care of, I would strongly recommend that you start your new hires on Wednesday. 

That’s it, you start your new people on Wednesday. And as I just mentioned, the benefit is just three days – and in those three days, the person gets a real good feel of the overall company, the culture, the values. And you set some small tasks, and then pretty much from Monday onwards, they are ready to get into their role fully. In their mind they spent their first week, and now they are into the action mode, which is exactly what you would like to have.

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