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When we coach businesses in London, we realise there’s a common struggle amongst business owners to get their team to work efficiently. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. Here are my top 5 ways to keep on top of your team, and delegate effectively:

1. Don’t Be a Superhero

Don’t try and do everything yourself. You know what you’re really good at. For everything else, if there’s someone that can do it nearly as good as you, that’s good enough for now. You don’t lose control, you gain advantage.

2. Start with the Low Skill-Low Fun

Wouldn’t it be great to hire someone to do the important stuff for you, so you can take a break? That’s not the starting point – that’s the goal. Instead, begin with tasks that are in the “low-fun + low-skill” part of your tasks spectrum. Easier to train people for, and it’s cheaper. Remove these distractions and focus on your genius areas.

3. Ensure you Have a Round Peg for a Round Hole When you’re hiring a team, make sure that the person is right for the role they’re taking on. You can’t make a square peg fit in a round hole, and it’s way easier to put a round peg in anyway! Make sure they have the right skills and the right personality for what you’re asking them to do. Then they become naturally motivated to do well.

4. Ensure you Delegate, Don’t Abdicate You’re not giving away work, never to look at it again. Install a system to track the tasks and projects you’re dealing out to your team. Constant training and mentoring will be required from you to help your team become better at what they do. Click here to download the simple (and free) tool that I use to keep track of my team.

5. Record your Work to Replicate it Make sure you’re documenting everything. However, don’t take copious notes; keep it simple. One-pager instructions, checklists, bullet points, how-to videos. Make it easy for someone to learn instead creating a lengthy training course. This way, if your team ever changes, transition will be swift and effortless.

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