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When you go through the 4-hour recruitment process, you may find yourself spoilt for choice with a set of incredibly talented candidates for the role in your business.

The process has cleared the wheat from the chaff, but how do you now find the very finest cream at the top of that crop?

Here are 4 things to look out for that could help you discover the true superstars amongst the collection of talent.

Keep these 4 traits in mind when crafting your questions to ask your top candidates, and watch as the cream floats to the top and you easily pick out your winners.

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

I get this question asked very often saying how do we identify superstars, you know, in the recruitment process when you get to interact with so many candidates. How should you choose and pick that right talent, that right superstar. Now I have read quite a few books on this topic and of course working with different business owners, you know, one gets to interact and experience many many situations. Now, you might want to make note of this, there are simple four things that I look out for when I’m identifying a superstar. The first is that this person needs to have the core talent in the area, in the field that you’re looking for the person to come on-board, right, the core talent is required, the skills is where I am really talking about. Now that’s the base level, people need to have that because especially the business which is in a growth phase you cannot afford to become the training ground for people who have no idea and you’re trying to up skill them. So just make sure that they have the core talent, the core skill in the field.

Then the next level, which is a very interesting level, then which is what starts to actually distinguish real superstars from the talent, the regular talent. The next level is the coachability. The person needs to really be very very coachable and they should be willing to learn, they should be having an open mind and willing to grasp the things that you’re talking about and that’s really required for the superstar. The third ingredient or the element that’s required is the curiosity, and if you think about it, curiosity is the willingness to be engaged in that current moment. The person needs to be curious should be asking relevant questions, should be genuinely interested in what’s happening around this person. And the fourth element which is again a very very critical element is the work ethic. Superstars have amazing work ethics. They don’t watch the time. They don’t watch the clock. They are there to put in their best, to put in their passion, to put in their heart and soul into whatever they are doing.

So again if you think about, it they need to have the core talent, they need to be coachable, they need to have that curiosity and finally an amazing, amazing work ethic. And, if you identify the right questions to ask in your recruitment process to assess the level at which the candidate is playing for all these four elements the chances are very high. A few actually bringing that superstar, the real high talent on-board for your company which clearly enables the future progress for yourself and for the business. I hope that helps and helps you recruit the right kind of talent for your business.

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