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You probably deliver something – a product, a service – that’s really great. You are pretty much offering up  gold.

But the marketplace is cluttered. There are so many things that are distracting your prospects from hearing about this gold that you have to offer. There’s a jungle out there and you need to clear a path between you and your ideal prospect.

You need to somehow get your prospects to notice the treasure chest – so that they start coming towards you, instead of you having to hunt them down.

So you’re being told you need to focus on “marketing”. Digital marketing is where the money is at right? Inbound leads are what you need, right?

Digital marketing? Is that SEO? Email? Social media? Adwords? Blogging? PPC? Webinars?

The sheer quantity of strategies alone is overwhelming, let alone all the marketing “experts” giving you complicated processes to follow (so that they can sell their consultation services to you).

In working with hundreds of business owners, we have realised that what business owners want is and easy to follow set of instructions on how to build their own lead funnel. They want that flow of inbound leads to start happening with the least amount of effort.

They don’t want to have to learn every possible strategy out there. They want something short, simple, immediate and fast.

So we came up with the Lead Pathfinder™ solution to help proactive business owners who want to create their inbound flow of leads now rather than “later”.

A 12-Week Video Course

Build your own powerful marketing funnel in an easy-to-follow process and have inbound leads come flowing in within just 3 months.

Module 1: Piece

  • Identify your Gold Piece – the valuable content that your prospect will be attracted to and you can gift to them for free.
  • Learn about what type of content is currently attracting leads best.
  • Figure out which content pieces are the best to use in different areas.
  • Finish with 1 free Gold Piece and 1 tripwire Gold Piece ready to go.

Module 2: Pedestal

  • Create the page where you will display your Gold Piece.
  • Also create the ‘Thank You’ page with your tripwire Gold Piece.
  • Learn the tools, systems and best practices for crafting these pages.
  • Finish with the page & thank you page for opting-in completed.

Module 3: Power

  • Learn the basics of higher-level marketing automation and why it matters.
  • Learn how to use Ontraport to deliver your Gold Pieces automatically, yet personally.
  • Find out how you can automate social media to attract entirely free leads from your social media channels.
  • Finish with your email automation set up in a set-and-forget way, as well as your social media automation.

Module 4: Pointer

  • Find out how to use Facebook Ads to point to your page.
  • Identify the most effective (not the most obvious!) way to use Facebook’s targeting features to get in front of the right people.
  • Run through metrics to measure so you know whether it’s working or not.
  • Finish with Facebook Ads running and bringing you leads right now.

Module 5: Presenter

  • Find out how to present your page to those who are already searching for your solution using Google Ads.
  • Learn how to start with Google Ads on the right footing so you don’t waste money at the beginning.
  • Identify the metrics that are most suitable for your business in determining the quality of your Adwords leads.
  • Finish with a campaign in Google Adwords set up, bringing in leads immediately.

Module 6: Preserver

  • Learn about what has been working in automated follow-up strategies.
  • Use the tools you have learned to automate further functions, building new paths, longer paths, and better paths.
  • Find out which areas are working best for your business, and how to optimise your marketing efforts for those areas.
  • Finish with a follow-up strategy that you can set and forget.

What Our Workshops Inspire…

“Very informative, concise and taught with passion. Not boring!”

– Jason George

“Really useful – made me realise all the mistakes I have made in designing my own site.”

– John Breach

“Lots of food for thought and inspiration to focus on what’s important for my business.”

– Clare Skyes

“It gave me clarity which I don’t often have as a lot of the time there is lots going on.”

– Sanjana Jansari

“It crystallised my thoughts and helped me clarify my plans for next year and beyond, and reminded me of the pitfalls to avoid.”

– Anne Geaghan

“It made me look at my business as a whole in a better way. It made me want to make positive changes.”

– Anonymous

“High quality presentation and support material, well facilitated and personalised.”

– Beverly Ejimofo

“Brilliant. It is really helping me focus on future strategies in the business and reminds me how disciplined I need to be.”

– Ann

Who is the London Coaching Group Team?

London Coaching Group is a company that was founded by Shweta Jhajharia and is a part of the ActionCOACH Franchise. She has gathered around her a team of experts in finance, marketing, sales and business administration, who have helped her take home the prestigious awards such as London & UK Coach of the Year, Global Best Client Results, the Stevie Awards for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Coach of the Year and the APCTC (Coaching Association) Judges Award In Recognition of Coaching Services amongst many others.

The Lead Pathfinder™ sytem is delivered by Daljeet Singh. Daljeet has practical experience in a wide range of digital marketing technology, including automation software and the full suite of social media platforms.

Shortly after leaving University while working as a freelance writer, he took on Director of Marketing at his own startup, which was a social media platform for travellers. He learned marketing hard and fast and within a few months, he attracted over 3,000 registered users and their social platforms all exploded (15,000 Facebook likes, 1,500 Twitter followers, 50,000 Google+ page views).

Daljeet has gained personal practical experience with London Coaching Group and their clients in email marketing, social media marketing, web content management, web development, direct marketing, PPC, PR, events coordination, video editing, and copywriting.

However, he also manages a wider digital marketing team, and so has drawn on expertise from their copywriters, sales experts, SEO professionals, graphics editors, business administration specialists, web developers and PR strategists.

We have led hundreds of clients not only to greater profitability but also a greater quality of life by helping to set up systems that reduce the time they need to spend working in their business, so they can work on their business.

Our clients across sectors constantly achieve measurable, double-digit growth (over 41%) and are the most awarded client base in the UK.

Digital Marketing Strategy Guarantee

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If after 30 days, you feel that for the Lead Pathfinder™ system has not gotten you the results you expect, then we will refund your payment and even let you keep the material you had been given at that point.

If it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Start Setting Up Your System Next Week

Lead Pathfinder™ + Group Coaching

£997 + VAT/Month
  • Lead Pathfinder™ Course
  • Monthly group coaching call with Daljeet & his marketing team
  • 2 x 30minute Velocity 1-2-1 Skype Calls Each Month with Daljeet
  • Unlimited email access to Daljeet

1-2-1 Marketing Coaching

  • 1-2-1 Coaching may be offered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please email us to find out more information.

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