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The film ‘Avatar’ widely popularised the term that refers to a ‘representative’ – to such an extent that most of us still associate the word with the film.

The term Avatar is one we use to refer to a key concept in defining a business’ marketing strategy. That is, identifying whom you are targeting – very precisely.

Most business owners are already aware that defining the target market for your business is critical. It is the most common first question that we get asked by new clients, “How do I identify my target market?”

But what needs to be understood is that marketing is not 1-to-many. It is 1-to-1, many times. You want to communicate to an individual – your Avatar – and then replicate that communication to lots of individuals.

In this pack, we explain the Avatar concept fully and provide you with a set of tools to help you choose and define a powerful Avatar for your business. That way you can start your marketing off on the right foot – writing content, defining channels, figuring out designs of marketing materials all becomes infinitely easier and more effective.

A Focused & Useful Set of Tools

6 Essentials to Choosing Your Avatar

Choosing an Avatar requires more structured thought than you might think. Before you go into the exercises, we’ll explain the 6 essential features of a good Avatar that you should keep in mind.

U.S.P. & Guarantee Builder

An exercise worksheet that will ask you the right, focused questions about what you do and why you do it. From this, you can then build a clear, useful, and valuable Unique Selling Proposition and Guarantee.

The Ultimate Avatar Profile Templates

This pack comes with templates that will not only help you spell out and clarify your Marketing Avatar, but also specific questions and exercises to refine your Avatar in ways that will actually be useful to your marketing system.

Avatar Training Video

You will also receive access to an exclusive training video (typically valued at £297) that will help you understand the Marketing Avatar and how to use these tools. This is with Shweta Jhajharia herself, the winner of numerous awards including London/UK Coach of the Year and Global Best Client Results.

Why Trust London Coaching Group’s Tools?

Recognised Quality

London Coaching Group is a business coaching company based in London who has coached hundreds of businesses in the last 8 years, led by Shweta Jhajharia.

Shweta has won London Business Coach of the Year every year since 2009 and has picked up numerous other awards such as Best Client Results and Franchisee of the Year.

Not only that but our clients consistently win awards of their own, making ours the most awarded client base in Europe. You can see the full list of awards and accolades here.

Business Coaching London Testimonials

Satisfied Customers

It is rare, if ever, that we leave customers unsatisfied with the results they get from business coaching. Many have stayed on our coaching programs far longer than they expected to because they have seen real change in their business and in their personal lives.

We have a huge bank of impact stories where our customers talk about how their situations were dramatically improved by our coaching. In the end, we don’t really need to tell you what we have done for our customers when you can hear it right from the horses mouth.

Business Coaching London Profit Growth

Real Results

Numbers don’t lie. The average of 41% annual profit growth that our clients achieve makes it crystal clear the real, significant impact that our strategies have on businesses.

We have personally tried and tested our strategies with hundreds of businesses. We are so confident in them that we offer our business coaching clients a guarantee that if their increase in gross profit does not equal or exceed their investment in business coaching, we will pay the differential. It’s this simple: we know our processes and strategies work.

An Affordable Kickstart for Your Marketing Strategy

Since this is a DIY process, where we deliver you all the material and you implement the actions yourself, this means that our costs are low and your value is high.

In this way, we can ensure that our price is incredibly affordable so that even the smallest business can benefit from this toolkit.

The Avatar Creator Toolkit™

£47 + VAT
  •  How to Choose An Avatar: The 6 Essentials
  •  USP & Guarantee Builder
  •  Customer Avatar Profile Template
  •  Avatar Refinement Process
  •  The Ultimate Avatar Template: Questions to Ask in An Interview
  • Marketing Avatar Video Training with Shweta Jhajharia

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