• Videos

    Over 77 hours of training by Brad Sugars

  • Audio

    19 hours (inc. 14 hours of Master Mentors Interviews)

  • e-Books

    1000+ pages: 30 eBooks, tools & white papers

  • Industry Experts

    Learn from 14 leading experts other than Brad

Grow your business and build a stronger team with PROFIT MASTERS...

Why did you go into business? It certainly was not for the crazy working hours, the stress, missed family time or the experience… Like most business owners, you went into business to make more money and to create the life of your dreams, but the reality is much too different from what you had imagined.

So when and how do you turn a corner to transform your business into a profit making machine?

The time is NOW, and right here with Brad Sugars PROFIT MASTERS..

Brad Sugars is the Founder and Chairman of ActionCOACH, a global business coaching company, coaching more than 15,000 business owners each week. 

He presents an incredibly structured and content-rich system that is simple yet powerful, and can empower absolutely any and all business owners to drive sales and increase profits.

As a Profit Masters member, you will have access to an unprecedented collection of online content (valued at over $25,000) consisting over 77 hours of video training, 19 hours of audio content to include Brad's Master Mentor interviews, and over 1,000 pages of eBooks, white papers and business tools. (100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE)

A 50-minute seminar by Brad Sugars entitled '6 Steps to Better Business' 

What you get

90+ hours of training for Business Owners & 12 weeks of Business Basics training for the team

  • eBooks
    & Tools
  • 10 eBooks

    ActionCOACH eBooks

  • 21 eBooks

    Brad Sugars Instant Series eBooks

  • 6 posts

    Business White Papers

  • 27 posts

    Business Document Tools

  • Videos: First Steps
  • 9 hours

    Business Basics

    83 short videos ideal for training the team. Suggested 5-10 minutes daily over 12 weeks

  • 11 hours

    11 Entrepreneurial Webinar Series

  • 1:15 hours

    6 Steps to Better Business

  • 20:00 hours + (flexible)

    Master Classes & Collection of Seminars

  • Videos:
  • 9:10 hours

    BusinessRICH Series

  • 3:10 hours

    MindRICH Series

  • 15:54 hours

    SalesRICH Series

  • Audio
  • 14 hours

    Master Mentors Interview Series

  • 5 hours

    Additional Material

  • Guarantee
  •  If you don't find Profit Masters to be a valuable asset, request a refund within 15 days to get a full refund, no questions asked.


£597 + VAT one-off payment for lifetime access

£47 + VAT monthly for as long as your need*

*You may cancel at any point.

              GUARANTEE: no questions asked and full refund within 15 days.

What Clients Have to Say..

  • "Belonging to Profit Masters and belonging to ActionCOACH has given me the freedom to live a life outside of business. I’m not chained up at my desk for 80 or 90 hours a week anymore."
    Verne S.
    Alberta, Canada
  • "Absolutely amazing material. Brad provides everything one would need to dramatically increase one's business revenues and profits. Thanks so much!"
    Julie F.
    Toronto, Canada
  • "I have been using the knowledge gained from learning Business Basics and basically almost doubled my income, and I keep gaining quality customers."
    Christopher E.
    Haymarket, Australia
  • "Great, my first ever webinar. Very convenient watching it in my office. No extra downtime. Thank you."
    Alison H.
    New Zealand
  • "Brad always provides clear and simple strategies in what can be a complicated business world. There is so much content and good stuff in Profit Masters, it will take me weeks to get through. Thanks Brad!"
    B. Blaire
    Capalaba, Australia
  • "Brad has taken timeless concepts and made them easy to implement into the business and myself to help me learn how to achieve more."
    Joe F.
    Worcestershire, UK


Lifetime Access: £597 + VAT one-off payment for lifetime access
Monthly Plan: £47 + VAT monthly for as long as you need*        

*You may cancel at any point.

                GUARANTEE: A no questions asked and full refund within 15 days should you not find the information on Profit Masters to be a valuable asset to your business.           


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