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Super Achievers Are Incompetent

Most business owners feel some sort of pressure or stress from their business. Most of my clients feel the pressure because the business is growing and moving forward, so there is a strain they have to deal with.

How one deals with that pressure is the key distinction between those who achieve more and those who constantly struggle with no results.

The model that I share in this video is one that helps to explain where that pressure comes from, and also how to deal with that pressure.

It all has to do with how aware you are of your incompetence…

When you start to recognise the areas where you can go to a new level and that you don’t know everything – finance, marketing, sales, team management, planning etc. – then you can start to work on that area.

And then when you feel that growing pain – and you are conscious of the result you are gaining from that pressure – you can actually start to enjoy it as you take your work to the next level.

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

Hi, this is Shweta from the coaching group. We want to talk about today is something called pressure. You might have heard of it or you might be familiar with it. Now the point is that when you are running a business there’s always a pressure. Pressure could be from the growth of the business or the lack of growth in the business. Now most of my clients they feel pressure because their business is growing, it’s moving forward and therefore they can feel the strain in their team management side of things sales, marketing, planning, you name it.

Pressure Always Exists

So recently last week some of my clients actually verbalize it and they’re like, sure, I’m feeling the pressure because it’s the core trend it’s the march right? So I’m like that’s good. That’s really good. That was my instant response. That’s really good that you’re feeling the pressure, because pressure always exists, but how you deal with the pressure is the key distinction that one needs to make.

The Key to Dealing with Pressure

What I did was I shared with them this model, because that helped them understand why there is pressure and therefore also gave them a perspective of how they need to deal with that pressure. And I’m really hoping it will help you as well. You might be familiar with this, but let’s let’s just pay attention to this once again, understand the fundamentals. Now, in business or in life if you think about it there’s some something called unconscious incompetence. It’s like a four year old kid who might not know that he or she does not know how to drive a car.

Conscious & Unconscious Incompetence

Right, so unconscious about the fact that the person is incompetent in driving a car. Then as the kid starts growing, you realize that there is this conscious incompetence.  The kid understands that a 12 year old or 11 year old wants to actually drive that car, because the person knows it is not allowed to drive a car, and does not know how to drive the car.

Now at the right age then, this person starts learning how to drive the car and think of your days when you started learning how to drive that car. You know you can, you’re so conscious of everything every movement on the road, holding on to the gear. It’s like changing the acceleration, changing the gear. It’s like if you’re in every maneuver, this light maneuver looks so stressful and magnified and you’re present in that moment. And you can feel the pressure, the strain on your body by the time you finish it off. That drive was finished.

Now think about when you are so comfortable driving you could listen to the music, could change the channels. You know you could look around comfortably, maybe reach out to your coffee mug. You can do these things because there is this unconscious competence which is sitting there.

Now let’s bring that analogy to the business. So when business owners are working on their business, take an example when my client is working with me, clearly they are not in the zone. Although there are a lot of business owners out there who are in a state of denial. They don’t even know that they’re incompetent in many areas and it’s totally unconscious effect. Sometimes a blissful state, but not really a good situation for the business. Once the client is in this zone where they understand that there is the next level for them and they don’t know everything, they want to become better in lots of areas like, as I said, sales, marketing team, systemization planning, finance, you name it. They are humble enough to say “I need to learn here.”

Building that Conscious Muscle

This is where, for example, I come into the picture. My team comes in the picture. And the client is actually working on that in that area. This is where they are. This is the muscle that they are actually building consciously, they’re becoming competent. But think about the strain that you felt when you were learning to drive that car. It’s the same scenario. You’re conscious of everything, you’re testing and measuring and applying different things. The business is growing, which strategy will work or will not work. The team is expanding and therefore you feel that growing pain in your business. Now. It’s very easy to kind of say “Oh it’s too much” but again I’m very lucky to have clients who are absolutely willing people who want to see through it and want to have breakthroughs in their business.

Enjoying Pressure

I think they enjoy pressure to a large extent because they know that it’s a pressure of the growth. It’s taking them to the next level. And then they reach here, which is beautiful. Unconsciously they are becoming Camberton in lots of areas things which were difficult become easy for them become very natural second nature. And then once again I’m coming into this picture. By the way, even this picture is where we are working with a client, but this is where again what we say is that come on let’s redefine your next level, let’s redefine. What are the next areas where you know you’re not still there, and it will help you achieve even more, become even better. What does that next level?

And then for the business owner on schist see defines the next level of incompetence, works on it, comes to this level and this level and therefore it’s a constant cycle. And that’s what super achievers do. They don’t just reach out and say “Yeah I’m done.” There’s always a next question saying “What’s next?”, “What’s my next level of competence which I need to build?” And therefore I want you to understand is that if you’re too comfortable in your business, either you are here or you are here.

For me they are dangerous zones. The areas that you need to be in are these and these. And if you are in these two areas of growth, then the pressure is bound to happen, but how you deal with that pressure is the distinction between average people and super achievers.

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Best Business Books to Read: American Icon

This is a book that the New York Times has called a “compelling narrative that reads more like a thriller than a business book.”

It describes how one of America’s most established companies turned around from its death throes in the mid-2000s and restored itself into a modern, sustainable and profitable business in the modern world.

This is not your standard management book where they take you through step-by- step a structure that you can apply as well. Instead it is an engaging tale of how maintaining and growing profitability has to come alongside the development of company culture and closely managing how the teams within your business work.

If you are looking for a read that will inspire you on bringing a new level of leadership to your business then American Icon by Bryce G. Hoffman is a book to read.

Alan Mulally’s struggle to restore the seminal automaker, Ford Motor Company, to growth and profitability is a real page turner and absolutely stuffed with learnings for business leaders of every sort.

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Best Business Quotes From Shweta Jhajharia

Not too long ago, during a coaching session with Paul Hastings, one of the business owners I work with, we discussed team management. He articulated a learning he had gained from that session about managing the progression of team members that was so compelling, I thought it was worth sharing here:

“Management is not a status, it is an activity. A lot of team members aspire to the status but not the activities of management. During recruitment and promotion exercises, this needs to be explicit.” – Paul Hastings, Director, Reflections.

This is an important reminder for all business owners – when you move your team members up into the higher echelons of your business, what kind of guidance and training are you giving them?

We often talk about when to make new hires, and how to onboard new recruits effectively. However, it’s important that when you are managing your team, and you are upgrading your team, that you are ensuring they are aware of their new responsibilities.

The job description is one of the critical parts of your recruitment process, and if you are hiring for a management position, ensure you make it really clear that this is a job that requires serious work and may be difficult, especially if you were a superstar as an individual performer.

Need help with recruitment?

business consulting servicesRecruitment of good managers, and even executives, can be a nightmarish process that wastes loads of time – and results in hiring someone not right for the job. We, therefore, developed a process that helps to find the best candidates, and only uses 4 hours of your time…

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On a coaching call recently, one of my clients seemed a bit puzzled about how to move forward with analysing the numbers in her business.

The source of her confusion was not that she was looking at the wrong figures or had a confusing dashboard or anything like that. It wasn’t even that she was looking at dwindling numbers and wondering how to boost her team’s performance.

In fact, it was that she had started some marketing activities, and all the numbers were in the green. “Everything is going fine, what do I do now?”

It’s a pretty good problem to have isn’t it? The following was something I said to her, which I think is a great reminder for all the business owners who are running successful businesses:


“We overanalyse failure, but often forget to analyse our success – the things we want more of.” – Shweta Jhajharia

Many leaders are exceptionally hard on themselves as a way of driving themselves forward. Through the analysis of what went wrong, they seek to ensure past failures do not happen again.

While that is very valid, the best leaders know how to not just assess what went wrong, but also review what went right, and how to replicate their successes over and over again.

It is important to remember this. Give importance to, celebrate, and learn from your successes as much as your failures.

Want to boost your own successes?

Even leaders sometimes need to be reminded to celebrate their wins. Business coaches and business mentors are there to do that and to help analyse those wins in the most useful way.

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At the Strategic Growth Intensive in October, one of the areas we discussed in a little more depth was marketing.

And just recently, at one of our complimentary sessions we had to remind a new prospect about one of those really fundamental mindset principles around marketing that helps keep you focused on the right things…

London Coaching Group Best Business Quotes Marketing Is Not About Being Prolific, It's About Being Precise

“Marketing is not about being prolific. It’s about being precise.”

In today’s world of advanced technology and the long, rich history that marketing now has, it gets confusing. You’re assaulted with marketing advice. This technique, that strategy, this system.

It’s tempting to try it all. Everything is important. Anything might get you results.

But when you stretch yourself too thin and attempt to be everywhere at once, the likely result is that you will end up reaching a lot of people, not the right people, and you’ll reach them with a muddled message.

Most likely, you will also end up being unable to measure what you are doing, and then how will you know which technique is actually working?

You should choose a highly targeted niche, focus on finding out everything about your Avatar, and then craft the perfect lead magnets to really speak to the people who are actually going to buy from you.

And then with careful testing and measuring in place, you can refine your marketing approach and choose the channels that actually bring you sales, and not just visitors.

When you focus like this, you can create a marketing strategy that brings you a true flow of inbound leads, which will massively boost your growth without increasing your working hours.

How precise do you get with your marketing? Let us know your own insights in the comments below.

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One of my clients at his first business coaching session was resisting when I tried to convince him that he needed a weekly dashboard.

“It’s such a hassle to try and make sure I do that every week – it seems like a waste of my time.”

This was the answer that I gave him:

Shweta Business Quotes - Choose the pain of discipline over the pain of non-performance

“Choose the pain of discipline over the pain of non-performance.”

Sometimes it can seem like a real struggle to wade through the numbers of your business, or do some of those tasks that you know you should do but you don’t really want to do.

It is at those moments that you should remind yourself that these are the tasks that will take your business to that next level. They may not be the most exciting parts of running your business, but they are essential for systemised growth.

Just like training for a sport, it usually requires discipline to truly perform in the big leagues. So get ‘in the zone’ and get disciplined about your business so you can take it to the next grade.

What practices are you disciplined with in your business? Let us know in the comments below.

Every Sportsperson Has A Coach…

Business owners are like athletes: they need strength, practice and discipline! Athletes achieve that with the help of their coach. Would your business benefit from the same with a business coach?

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Business owners often get very excited when the prospect of growth is within reach. That grasp at growth before they have the right systems and team in place, however, can often result in more problems than they were expecting.

It’s important to consider your processes, and today instead of sharing a long article, I want to share with you a thought that we shared on our Instagram account recently:


Managing a superstar team starts from the very first job ad that you put out. Make sure you have an effective recruitment process in place so that when you do hire someone, they’re the right someone. Because your business is only as good as your team.

And your team is only as good as your leadership skills.

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Recruitment of the right person for the job is really only the first stage. Motivating and managing a team of fantastic employees requires another set of skills.

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Are You A ‘Perfect’ Business Owner?

Have you been waiting for the perfect time of year to sit down and strategise for your business? Have you been iterating ideas over and over again, trying to perfect a marketing campaign?

They say that good is the enemy of perfection. But in this video, I challenge that concept – because what I teach my business coaching clients is actually the complete opposite idea.

I argue that there is something more important to be in your business than “perfect”…

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

Hi this is Shweta from The London Coaching Group, what I want to talk about today is perfection. I’m sure you’ve come across this statement that good is an enemy of perfection.

Now it might be possible that you’re looking for that perfect time to have team meetings, maybe you are looking for perfect time to do marketing, or seeking a perfect text, a perfect colour, a perfect logo, a perfect website. Maybe perfect time for you to sit down and get clarity as to what’s required in your business – the perfect prospect, perfect sales.

Now the question is when you are looking for these perfect moments, how many opportunities you are missing out in your business and in your life? Now what I teach my clients when I am working with them is actually just the opposite of perfection. What I believe in, and how my clients and I work together – is actually with the belief that perfection is an enemy of good. It’s all about doing many good things in the business.

My clients and I, we have good meetings, we have good marketing, good sales, good systems, good planning, good reviews, good discussions and good movement forward. And that’s the reason that they are actually getting double digit growth in their business, building the pipeline, moving forward way above the industry benchmark.

So what I really want to take away from this short and brief conversation is actually be prolific, and not perfect. Because that will help you move your business forward, and not the perfect moments.

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I Am The Greatest – Confidence Lessons From Muhammad Ali


I sent out an email a few weeks ago to which I got a sharp response from one of the recipients. They said I sounded “conceited” and that the email was “totally off putting”.

So I went back to re-read the email and try to understand where this person was coming from, and I began to understand. And then I had a thought that I had to share with you.

Be Your Own Motivation

On re-reading the email, I could see where this person’s sharp response may have come from. There was a line I had written where I was talking about why I was offering the previous webinar for free that said, “It is because you may not yet have met me and therefore have no idea how good I am.”

I do accept that that sounds quite conceited and could perhaps have been worded better.

However, I also thought of one of Muhammad Ali’s greatest quotes,

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”

This quote is important for business owners to understand, because what he is talking about is a confidence mindset, which is one of the key ingredients of success in business, not just sports.

Muhammad Ali is talking about the idea that you, as a business owner, must have the strength and belief in yourself to push yourself to the top if you really want to get there, no matter what others around you say.

In the end, no one else – not even your business coach – is going to tell the world that you are the greatest. You are the one who has to do that for yourself, you have to motivate yourself, and you have to lift yourself up if you want to continue to achieve great things.

Beware The Confidence Vultures

This also links to another incident that happened to one of my business coaching clients recently. They had won an award and emailed their contacts about it. Someone replied to them with a tirade of why they were not good enough to have won that award. Obviously my client felt wounded and had lost all confidence in his product and business.

I explained to my client that there are some people out there that we refer to as ‘confidence vultures’. These are people who have learned that feeding off other people’s confidence can be a way to boost their own self-esteem.

As you climb in confidence yourself, you will face these people. There is no doubt that they will come out of the woodwork. You must be able to protect yourself, and that confidence that you have built, from such people.

The quote above from Muhammad Ali indicates to you how to do that: have the strength within yourself to say, “I am the greatest,” even when others try to tell you otherwise.

You can (and should) build your own confidence. And when you learn how to enter that cycle of building your own confidence, you can then push your confidence as high as you want it, regardless of what vultures swoop around and peck at you.

Remember, You Are An Iceberg

I have talked before about the Identity Iceberg. This is a concept I have used often in business coaching sessions to explain the idea of how what you show to the world – the “doing” that you do – is only really 5% of who you are. The “being” part of yourself – the skills, beliefs, values, and identity – is mostly invisible to those around you and often even to yourself.

And it is that 95% where you will find your strength and your confidence.

Not only that, but the environment in which you place yourself – the water in which you, as an iceberg, sit – dramatically matters in your personal and professional development. Continuing the metaphor of the iceberg, your environment can be warm and drain from your being, or the water can be a cold expanse from which you draw strength and continue to grow.

But unlike the iceberg metaphor, how the environment affects you is a choice that you can make. You can boost yourself and learn to absorb positivity from your environment, or you can allow the negative comments from those confidence vultures eke away at your strength and confidence.

You may not be able to control the environment itself, but as the adage goes,  you can control how you react to it.

Is It A Cultural Thing?

As someone who was not raised in Britain, I am constantly learning, understanding, and adapting to British culture. There are a lot of significant differences between India’s and Britain’s cultures I will tell you that!

What I find really intriguing is that the natural exuberance of Americans is often described by the British as “brash” or “gung ho”. Yet I must admit, when I have witnessed such brawny positive attitude it is in some of the most successful and driven people I know.

Perhaps it is natural for the British to be more reserved and respond more deeply to those around them. But perhaps there is some small learning to be gained from our brothers and sisters across the pond in learning how to boost our own self-esteem as well.

Affirmation Becomes Conviction

In the end, Muhammad Ali constantly talked about self-motivation and about creating your own drive and creating your own success. I think that is why his words so often deeply resonate with me – his mindset is something I fully agree with.

I think it only appropriate, then, to end this post with another of his quotes that all business owners should take note of:

“It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

What convictions have helped you build yourself and your business? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Business Reading: Change Your Business One Conversation at a Time

Have you ever wanted to be that person who “keeps cool” during an intense situation? Have you seen that superstar manager who manages to keep their wits about them in a crisis and wonder how he or she can operate under pressure so well?

When a situation becomes emotionally charged, dealing with people and communicating your feelings increase in importance. Ironically, it also becomes a lot more difficult for most people to evaluate what is the best way to handle the conversation – meaning they often behave at their worst in some of the most important situations.

This week’s Business Reading recommendation is a book that teaches you how to tackle these sort of conversations in a way that keeps you on your desired path.


In Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler, you are delivered a set of tools that help you think about – and hopefully better handle – conversations where emotions run high. These tools have proven to be a useful already with many of the business owners and executives who are business coaching with us in London at the moment.

We all have our ‘buttons‘ – the things that manage to goad us into an emotional reaction rather than a measured response. While not every tool in this book will apply for your situation, I highly recommend reading it for the parts that do speak to you.

You may end up discovering something about your leadership style or your staff training methods you did not even realise was holding you back from being an even better manager of your business and your team.

Take from this the tools that help you to learn how to fix misunderstandings, how to approach disagreements in a positive way, and how to share your story or your view. If you do, I can bet you will start to see the results not only in all your business relationships, but in your personal ones too.

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